Where does it come from?

Where does it come from?

Here at Deagon Bulk Meats, we are always looking to source our products from farmers who use sustainable method’s. We have been working with our suppliers for over a decade and during this time we have visited farm’s and farmers countless times to ensure that the product we are purchasing is raised humanely and with the animals’ welfare in mind at all times. Through our relationships with these suppliers, we have chosen products which keep our customers’ interests in mind whilst supporting the farmer and ensuring a fair price for their product.



Where does it come from

From the Felton Valley, our beef cattle are Free-Range and graze on natural pastures. Completely hormone and steroid free farmed by a husband and wife team.


Premium Free-Range natural MSA graded lamb from the crisp clean rolling pastures of Tasmania. Hormone and steroid free.


Our pork is humanely farmed in the Burnett Valley with absolutely NO sow stalls in site. Raised on a balanced diet of natural pastures with a hint of grain in the dry season.


Free from hormones and steroids our chickens are QLD grown. With high standards of animal welfare and absolutely NO cages in sight, you’re guaranteed a quality product.

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