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How does it work?

Simply create an account and shop online to earn points. It’s that simple. Therefore, your points are automatically credited to your account and can be used to get $$$ off your shop.

Available payment options include online, or cash or card on delivery. Once the order is complete your account will be credited with your points.

What are my points worth?

For every $1 spent online you will receive 1 point.

For every 1000 points accumulated you will receive a $10 coupon for your next order.

Is there a limit or expiry on my points?

Points do not expire. To redeem your points you must spend a minimum of $35. Hence, your points discount will then be deducted from this total.


Some items which are already discounted will not accrue points. Items such as bulk meat packs and specials have already had a discount applied and therefore are not discounted any further in the way of loyalty points.